Why Use EngineerMate?


We all know how hard and time-consuming when we need to figure out something by calculating with a formula, or looking up into a thousand-page handbook with tables and charts. Using Hazen-Williams formula is an example, while using Darcy's formula and Colebrook equation is even harder.

EngineerMate is trying every effort to alleviate your task.


EngineerMate lets your computer do calculations, even system design, for you with various tools so that you can do more things with much less time.


You will not need a big library as used to be. While most manufacturers provide more and more web sites to replace classic catalog books, EngineerMate makes your real desk top much clearer by making full use of the one on your computer screen.

Wherever you be - during your business trip, field visit, building inspection,..., you can do your job with your lab top.


You can design your project with calculations more scientifically, systematically, accurately and efficiently.